Spirituality strengthened and renewed

Generally, strength is juxtaposed with muscles, and renewal is considered to be the aftermath of a disaster or illness, however, in Delhi, NY, a group of thinkers came together last Sunday to strengthen and renew that which already is strong and new, our spirituality.

Everyone collaborated, not to fight against the mortal human identities, but to fight on the side of truth, the truth that our spirituality is manifest on earth, here and now.

We laughed at the common reactive habit of classifying people as human beings with job status and drama. And, we smiled as we claimed our right to reverse that process and know, and identify ourselves with, spiritual qualities, such as honesty, creativity, generosity, wisdom, and friendliness.

The Science and Health open book portion of the workshop brought to our attention that with all due respect to the humaneness on earth, spirituality and its expression of health and holiness are ours to understand and experience more each day.

There was a brief meditation, further familiarizing ourselves with the fact our lives and work can continue to come into sync with a spiritual God and a good work, an idea read in Science and Health.

I’d like to thank Anna, who provided the venue for this public gathering. Anna, and her family have done a terrific job of renewing the old building which will soon be the See-Saw Café.

God Strengthens and Renews


  1. InMyHead says:

    “our lives and work can continue to come into sync with a spiritual God and a good work, an idea read in Science and Health.”

    I find that very interesting that spirituality and God would be mentioned and encouraged in a Science periodical. It’s almost taboo anymore to speak of God, especially in Science, while the theory of evolution is highly regarded.

    1. I find the theory of evolution applies to God. Humanity’s concept of God has evolved over the centuries from a God of revenge to a God of love. I pray my spirituality evolves into pure intent while working in the fields of science, medicine, and theology. Thanks for commenting.

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