About the Books

This site offers a weekly Bible Lesson for readers on topics of interest.

The Bible is read along with modern versions of Science and Health, written by Mary Baker Eddy 130 years ago. The modern revisions are: 21st Century Science and Health, and, from science & religion to God: a briefer version.

Science and Health offers a spiritual view of Scripture, however the Bible is seen as a sufficient stand-alone to guide readers with spirit and love on the journey of life.

Sixth Edition
final front cover image small
A briefer version of Eddy’s Science and Health




  1. suzanne seely says:

    thanks for your comments on “Godismykeeper.wordpress.com”

  2. Sounds interesting and highly topical. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my most recent post, and I wish you much grace and joy in promoting your book through this engaging blog – great content, and clearly and warmly written.

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