September 21, 2022

Subject: Intelligence

Golden text: Psalm 25:4

Show me how you work, God; School me in your ways. (The Message, copyright by Eugene Peterson)

John 7:1-19

Jesus was going about his business in Galilee. He didn’t want to travel in Judea because the Jews there were looking for a chance to kill him. It was near the time of Tabernacles, a feast observed annually by the Jews.

3-5 His brothers said, “Why don’t you leave here and go up to the Feast so your disciples can get a good look at the works you do? No one who intends to be publicly known does everything behind the scenes. If you’re serious about what you are doing, come out in the open and show the world.” His brothers were pushing him like this because they didn’t believe in him either.

6-8 Jesus came back at them, “Don’t pressure me. This isn’t my time. It’s your time—it’s always your time; you have nothing to lose. The world has nothing against you, but it’s up in arms against me. It’s against me because I expose the evil behind its pretensions. You go ahead, go up to the Feast. Don’t wait for me. I’m not ready. It’s not the right time for me.”

9-11 He said this and stayed on in Galilee. But later, after his family had gone up to the Feast, he also went. But he kept out of the way, careful not to draw attention to himself. The Jews were already out looking for him, asking around, “Where is that man?”

12-13 There was a lot of contentious talk about him circulating through the crowds. Some were saying, “He’s a good man.” But others said, “Not so. He’s selling snake oil.” This kind of talk went on in guarded whispers because of the intimidating Jewish leaders.

14-15 With the Feast already half over, Jesus showed up in the Temple, teaching. The Jews were impressed, but puzzled: “How does he know so much without being schooled?”

16-19 Jesus said, “I didn’t make this up. What I teach comes from the One who sent me. Anyone who wants to do his will can test this teaching and know whether it’s from God or whether I’m making it up. A person making things up tries to make himself look good. But someone trying to honor the one who sent him sticks to the facts and doesn’t tamper with reality.

21st Century Science and Health, copyright by Cheryl Petersen

Spiritual understanding is not academic or only intellectual. It is not the result of scholarly book learning, but is the reality of all things brought to light.

There is no power apart from Mind. Omnipotence has all-power and to acknowledge any other power is to dishonor God. The humble Nazarene overthrew the assumption that sin, sickness, and death have power. He proved them powerless and restored dignity to experience. It should have humbled the arrogance of the priests when they saw the demonstration of spirituality excel the influence of their dead faith and ceremonies.

Jesus taught and showed us Life’s power to dissolve anything that opposes unlimited Truth. He said, “Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down.”[1]

It is believed by many that Jesus used strong language while rebuking sin and disease. The only polite comment Jesus had for error was, “Get behind me, Satan!”[2] From this we learn the necessity of a sharp, penetrating, mental stand when driving out devils and healing the sick. Error must be compelled to quit itself and thereby deprive physical sense of its claim against God.

In the Science of Mind, you will eventually figure out that error cannot destroy error. You will also learn that the transfer of negative suggestions from one human being to another is proven unreal, for there is but one Mind and this ever-present omnipotent Mind expresses the entire universe and is reflected by us. You will learn that the first responsibility in divine Science is to adapt to Soul, to have one Mind, and to love another as yourself.

We all must learn that Life is God.

Jesus’ earthly mission was fulfilled with proofs of Truth, Life, and Love, by driving out error and healing the sick. Unfortunately, in the Christian church, the demonstration of divine healing was lost about three centuries after Jesus’ resurrection. Ancient and modern schools of philosophy, medicine, and theology don’t teach or demonstrate the healing of divine Science.

From divine and scientific points of view, Jesus proved God is Love. The opposite insistence that God is a mighty potentate who loves and hates is only the theology of a dualistic God, which gives no hint of the unchanging love of God.

We must have faith in all the sayings of Christ Jesus, though they are not included in the teachings of the schools and are not generally understood by our religious and ethics instructors.

Science is compelling the world to battle over the subject of divine Mind and its demonstration, which heals the sick, destroys error and reveals the universal harmony. To the natural students of Christian Science, to the ancient worthies, and to Christ Jesus, God certainly revealed the spirit of divine Science, if not the absolute letter.

Earth’s preparatory school must be improved to the utmost.

Because the Science of Mind seems to dishonor the ordinary scientific schools, which wrestle with human observations alone, it is met with opposition. However, any system honoring God ought to receive support, not resistance, from all thinking persons. Divine Science honors God as no other theory and it does this in the way of Soul’s appointing, by doing many wonderful works through the divine name and nature. All persons must fulfill their own mission without timidity and without putting on a show. Christianity will never be based on a divine Principle and so found to be unerring, until its absolute Science is reached. Spiritual goals are successfully achieved when our work is done unselfishly, and as a result, arrogance, prejudice, bigotry, and envy cannot wash away its foundation, for it is built on the rock, Truth.

Jesus foresaw that the Science of Truth would be disregarded before it was understood. His foreknowing wasn’t an obstacle. He completed his God-mission and then sat down at the right hand of God. Jesus’ apostles still went about, moving from city to city doing good deeds although they were envied, hated, and stoned. Jesus’s teachings were scoffed by religious elders because the teachings demanded more than the officials were willing to practice.

Acts 19:8-10

Paul then went straight to the meeting place. He had the run of the place for three months, doing his best to make the things of the kingdom of God real and convincing to them. But then resistance began to form as some of them began spreading evil rumors through the congregation about the Christian way of life. So Paul left, taking the disciples with him, and set up shop in the school of Tyrannus, holding class there daily. He did this for two years, giving everyone in the province of Asia, Jews as well as Greeks, ample opportunity to hear the Message of the Master.

21st Century Science and Health

It is a question, whether the ancient inspired healers understood the Science of spiritual healing, or whether they caught its sweet tones as the natural musician catches the tones of harmony without being able to explain them. Past healers were so divinely animated with the spirit of Science, that the lack of the letter could not impede their work. The letter without the spirit voids the healing practice.

Divine Science can be taught only by those who are morally advanced and spiritually invested, for it is not artificial, nor is it discerned from the standpoint of human convictions. Only as spiritual perception is illumined can the light of understanding shine on this Science that reverses the evidence before the physical perceptions and furnishes the eternal interpretation of God and spiritual being.

The way through which immortality and life are learned is not ecclesiastical but divine, not human but holy, not physical but metaphysical, not material but scientifically spiritual. Human philosophy, ethics, and superstition afford no demonstrable divine Principle by which human beings can escape from sin and mortality; yet to find safety in Love is what faith demands.

Divine Science rejects the following theories: (1) that all is matter or the human mind; (2) that matter or the human mind originates in divine Mind and is as real as Mind, possessing intelligence and life. The first theory, that matter is everything, is about as illogical as the second, that Mind and matter coexist and cooperate. One only of the following statements can be true: (1) that everything is human mind; (2) that everything is divine Mind. Which one is it?

Human mind and divine Mind are opposites. One is contrary to the other in its very nature and essence, consequently, they both can’t be real. Only by understanding that there is but one power—not two powers—are scientific and logical conclusions reached. We must continue to admit that spiritual intelligence is apart from mortal beings and measurable energy. Spiritual intelligence is expressing and controlling the universe. Spiritual intelligence is synonymous with the eternal Mind or divine Principle, Love.

The process, either unconsciously or consciously, of thought manipulation has no scientific foundation, for God is uninfluenced and always conscious—always consciously governing that which is real, harmonious, and eternal. God expresses divine consciousness in us. God did not give us an animal or human consciousness to lose control of or control. In Science, a hypnotic state is a belief, a denial of the one spiritual influence. Crowd thinking, mass human consciousness, or mental noise, possesses no intelligence, power, or reality and are only imitations and enticements of the mortal human mind.

Divine Science reveals God, not as the author of sin, sickness, and death, but as Principle, Supreme Being, Mind, exempt from all evil. It teaches that materialism or limitation is the falsity, not the fact, of existence. Nerves, brain, stomach, lungs, and so forth, have—as matter—no intelligence, life, or sensation.

Because all the methods of divine Mind are not understood, our conclusions are inconclusive. We think the lips or hands must move in order to convey thought. We think wave/particles are necessary to convey sound. We call what we don’t understand a miracle. Whoever contradicts these conclusions is called a deceiver or is said to be deceived, when in fact Mind’s normal action and the origin of all things are unseen to human sense. It has been said of human beings, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”[3] As we spiritually understand, so are we in truth.

Knowledge of divine Science allows human beings to reach an improved sense of Spirit and to seek to learn, not from matter but from the divine Principle, God, how to demonstrate the Christ, Truth, as the healing and saving power.

It is essential to understand, instead of believe, what most nearly relates to the happiness of being. Someone who pursues Truth through reliance on a human doctrine does not understand the infinite. We can’t find the immutable and spiritual in the mutable and humanized. We must experience and live our spiritual understanding in order to succeed in the knowledge of Science. The understanding of Truth gives full faith in Truth and spiritual understanding is better “than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.”[4]

You must trust your ability to experience goodness and to bring out better and higher results.

[1] Matt. 3:10, 7:19; Luke 3:9

[2] Matt. 16:23; Mark 8:33; Luke 4:8

[3] Prov. 23:7 (Amplified)

[4] Mark 12:33

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