October 25, 2017

bible study imageSubject: Our fullness

A post on Beliefnet titled, You don’t belong to any church: You belong to God shares ideas regarding our fullness in spiritual government.

The ideas reach past our immediate situations of church governments, claiming denominations, and voicing creeds. The ideas reach past committee meetings and policies.

Here are a few ideas to contemplate quietly:

  • A man-made governing system versus God’s governing.
  • “A ruler who wields not only power, but compassion; not only justice, but mercy; not only wisdom, but love — the perfect and unfailing love of a Father towards His children.” (Quote from Beliefnet article mentioned above)
  • Satisfaction of obedience to an intelligent Father-Mother God.

As spiritual beings going through human experiences, we can claim our fullness as God’s child. We can follow through with thoughts that turn to God for guidance, rather than to humans. It’s a process that requires patience and understanding. We can’t force ourselves or others to be an ideal we hold in the mind.

To reach an ideal, we must know and manifest it.

In the Bible, Levi was a son of Jacob. Jacob was also renamed Israel in his later life after an internal transformation. The children of Levi became the tribe of the Levites.

As for the Levites, they were appointed to be God’s ministers for the children of Israel. In this position, the Levites were gate keepers, guardians, musicians, Temple officials, judges, and craftsmen. But the tribe struggled to obey God rather than believe themselves superior, which in turn made them tyrants.

Please read in your Bible Exodus 32.

Because we have to deal with human ego, it can be a struggle to affirm our fullness with God, Spirit. However, the promise and hope of wholeness and consummation fights on our side.

The website Loving Grace Ministries addresses our ability to minister to God, rather than try to govern people in this blog. We can see a more impersonal aspect of Levi. The word “Levi” is not restricted to a tribe or human position. It means more. Even many men were named Levi.

Please read Mark 2 in your Bible, when Christ Jesus called “Levi, the son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax booth, and he said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And he rose and followed him.”

Following Christ, Truth, rather than flesh and blood, reveals fullness.

From 21st Century Science and Health*

Levi (Jacob’s son). A corporeal and sensual belief; human person; denial of the fullness of God’s creation; ecclesiastical despotism.

The Bible declares: “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”[1] This is the eternal truth of Christian Science. If human transgressions, vulnerabilities, and losses were understood as nonbeing, they would disappear to the reality of good which naturally banishes evil, just as acts of kindness make self-pity go away. One must hide the other. How important, then, to choose good as the reality! We are secured by God, Spirit, and by nothing else. God’s being is infinity, freedom, balance, and boundless happiness. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”[2] Like the archpriests of long ago, we are free “to enter the Most Holy Place”[3]—the realm of God.

Man and woman is not the creator, and Mind divine is not the created. God, or good, never made us capable of insanely chasing after illusions. Contorted perceptions instigate wrongdoing and because they are contorted, they have no real basis. God is not the cause of illusions. The parent of misperceptions is a lie, evil.

Materialism never helps human beings understand Spirit. Through spiritual sense only, we comprehend and love the Almighty. Physical sense convolutes the Science of Mind, however, the unseen, intact Truth remains unchanged.

“Work out your salvation,”[4] is the demand of Life and Love, for to this end God works with you, “Until I come back.”[5] Be patient, and “Let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right.”[6] Don’t go back to error, and don’t become apathetic or offended even though you are trying hard and there are no immediate rewards. The rewards will come.

When the difficult time has passed, you will experience a fullness of the good you have practiced. You will receive according to your efforts. Love is not in a hurry to rescue us from temptation, for Love means that we shall be tested and purified.

Final deliverance from error is not reached by taking the easy way. There are no shortcuts. Deliverance is also not experienced by attaching our faith without works, to someone else’s effort.

The priest is the spiritualized person.

As divine Principle is scientifically understood, you can comprehend and experience for yourself the works of Christ, Truth. The Bible declares that all believers “will be called priests of the Lord.”[7]

There is no power apart from Mind. Omnipotence has all-power and to acknowledge any other power is to dishonor God. The humble Nazarene overthrew the assumption that sin, sickness, and death have power; he proved them powerless and restored dignity to experience. It should have humbled the arrogance of the priests when they saw the demonstration of spirituality excel the influence of their dead faith and ceremonies.

Resist evil—error of every kind—and it will cease to exist. Error is opposed to Life. We can, and ultimately will, so improve and make use in every direction the supremacy of Truth over error, Life over death, and good over evil. This spiritualization will go on until we arrive at the fullness of God’s idea and have no more fear that we shall be sick and die. Inharmony of any kind involves weakness and suffering—a loss of control over the body.

The depraved appetites for alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, oxycodone, methamphetamines, promiscuity, pornography, is destroyed only by Mind’s control of the body. There is no enjoyment in getting drunk, in becoming a fool, or being an object of extreme disgust. There is actually a very sharp remembrance of shame, a suffering inconceivably terrible to one’s self-respect. Morbid cravings are loathsome. Normal control is gained through divine strength and understanding.

Humanity’s dependence on relentless passions, selfishness, envy, hatred, and revenge—is beaten only by a mighty struggle. Every hour of delay makes the struggle more severe. If not victorious over negative human elements, then happiness, health, and courage will be crushed, but divine Science is the universal remedy, giving strength to the weakness of human mind. Spiritual and omnipotent Mind lifts humanity above itself into purer desires, even into spiritual power and good-will to humankind.

Let the victim of delusional and self-destructive desires learn the lessons of Christian Science. They then can get the better of those desires and ascend a degree in the scale of health, happiness, and existence.

Question. What is God?

Answer. God is bodiless, divine, supreme, infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.

Question. Are these terms synonymous?

Answer. They are. They refer to one absolute God. They are also intended to express the nature, essence, and fullness of Almighty God. The attributes of God are justice, mercy, integrity, wisdom, goodness, and so on.

Science reveals infinity and the fatherhood and motherhood of Love, therefore, the ideas of God in universal being are complete and forever expressed. Human ability is slow to perceive and realize God’s creation and the divine power and presence which go with it, demonstrating its spiritual origin. Mortals can never know the infinite until they throw off the old self and reach the spiritual image and likeness. What can fathom infinity! How can we describe God, Life, “Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ”?[8]

* Text from 21st Century Science and Health, 6th edition, copyrighted by Cheryl Petersen.




[1] John 1:3 (NKJV)

[2] II Cor. 3:17

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[6] Gal. 6:9 (Amplified)

[7] Ex. 19:6; Isa. 61:6; Rev. 1:6

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