February 10, 2016

bible study imageSubject: Immortal Soul

Have you heard of www.coursera.com ?

It’s a website that offers free college classes. One class is titled: Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences. The class is taught mainly by Professor Daniel Ogilve. The Professor brings in guest speakers who are quite informative. They discuss the history of soul as known to human beings, based on statistics.

A higher percentage of Americans believe in a soul than not. A high percentage of Americans also believe in miracles, generally associated with a soul.

The beauty of this class, Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences, is that both sides are presented, for and against a soul, however, the speakers treat the subject with sensitivity. They even point out that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and that no single disciplinary has a lock on truth. They encourage a willingness to test new ideas.

We can ponder, Does soul reside in the body? Do we have separate souls? Or is there one universal soul that images us forth?

Read Psalm 7: 1-2

The belief that we have a soul inside the body, naturally can be traced to the conclusion that our souls can be torn apart, like bodies.

Let’s examine some ideas in the book, Soul: Lessons and Soul Purpose, by Sonia Choquette. She explores the possibilities of knowing soul as a form of guidance and wellbeing.

Choquettte speaks on some of the challenges we face before experiencing a purposeful soul. She wrote, “You have blind spots, places where you are unable to see the bigger picture as a result of your upbringing, social conditioning, and even past lives. It is your soul’s lesson to remove these barriers to reason. Be willing to see what has been hidden from you. Where is your reason stymied due to the inability or resistance to looking at the greater scheme of things as objectively and accurately as possible? What habitual emotional responses close off access to your Inner Wisdom? Ponder these questions and your Greater Consciousness will show you the answers.”

On another page, Choquette wrote, “Your inner voice is not a personal one, but is instead your private connection to the Divine Spirit we all share. It is available to guide you at all times.”

When reading Choquette, I can appreciate her tone, though I would follow-up the words with an affirmation that we aren’t separated from Divine Spirit, even though it feels like it sometimes.

Let’s now look at even a bigger picture. In the not-too-far distant, people believed that animals did not have souls. This belief is shifting and more people today believe animals do have a soul. Do you believe your pet has a soul? Or, maybe we could ask, Do you believe your pet (if you have one or two or three) is connected to Soul, Love?

Read, I Peter 1: 13-25

I don’t think we each have our own soul, but that we each reflect the one Soul, God, in our own way.

When I ponder my soul-being as if it images forth the nature of God, Love, rather than mortals, I find my life-experience improves. My feelings improve.

From 21st Century Science and Health:

The educated belief that Soul is in the body causes human beings to regard death as a friend. The Bible calls death an enemy. Jesus defeated death and the grave, because death is not a steppingstone out of mortality, into immortality and bliss. Life and living is “the way.”[1]

Human-made theories make the same mistake regarding Soul and body that René Descartes[2] made regarding the brain as a complex fixed machine. Adherents of Descartes theories culminates in localizationism, the belief in a hard-wired brain in which each mental function has a strict location. However modern brain science is showing, “[Brain] plasticity is a normal phenomenon, and brain maps are constantly changing.”[3] Moreover, Christian Science is showing that mind is not subject to the brain or matter, and soul is not in the body. The order of Science can’t be reversed by human theories that assign to matter the power and prerogative of Spirit, a paradigm in which people become the most absolutely weak and pitiful creatures in the universe. Scientific blunders can’t affect the harmony of being.

The science of astronomy has reversed the deceptive evidence of a geocentric system that says the sun is moving around the earth. When we watch the sunrise, human beings rarely deny heliocentrism. We knowledgably admit the fact that the earth is spinning and circling the sun. So also, the Science of Mind reverses the delusive evidence that soul is in a body. We can admit the facts that Soul is not in a body and that the body is accountable to Mind. People are the humble expressions of calm Mind, though it seems otherwise to our immature perceptions. We will never understand spiritual facts if we don’t metaphysically reverse the outward appearance. Man and woman are not a dichotomy of non-intelligence and intelligence. We coexist with and reflect God, Soul, substance, unchangeable and intelligent.

If we pray to God as though God is a measurable unit, human doubts and fears rear their ugly heads and become obstacles. Because of the human minds unawareness of God as divine Spirit, there is an unawareness of divine Principle, Love. As a result, the Father of all is represented as a corporeal creator. Human beings then recognize themselves as merely physical and are ignorant of God’s image as eternal incorporeal beings. Corporeality is not able to grasp the wonders brought about by incorporeal spiritual Love, to whom all things are possible. The brains electrochemical functioning is ignorant of the world of Truth—not wired to the reality of our immortal existence—for the world of materiality is not cognizant of life in Soul.

Keep clearly in thought that we are the offspring of God, not of human beings; that we are spiritual, not material; that Soul is Spirit, never inside matter.

The identity or idea of reality continues forever. Soul is synonymous with Spirit, God; the creative, governing, infinite Principle, which is reflected by creation. Spirit is never inside a finite form.

Nothing is real and eternal—nothing is Spirit—except God and God’s idea. Evil has no reality. Evil is not a person, place, or thing, but is in the end a misinterpretation of reality, an illusion of human mortal perceptions.

Question. What are the requirements of the Science of Soul?

Answer. The first requirement of this Science is, “You shall have no other gods before me.”[4] This me is Spirit. Therefore, the command means this: You shall have no intelligence, no life, no substance, no truth, and no love, except the spiritual.

Soul has infinite resources with which to bless humankind, and happiness is more readily responded to and more secure in our keeping, if found in Soul.

Soul includes in itself all substance and is Life eternal.


[1] John 14:6

[2] René Descartes, (1596–1650) French mathematician, scientist and philosopher.

[3] The Brain that Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science Norman Doidge, M.D. (Viking Penguin Books, New York, 2007)

[4] Ex. 20:3; Deut. 5:7


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