Summer Dinner

Summer Pudding
When Doug got home from work yesterday, he washed his face and we jumped in the car and drove to Oneonta to find Pam Strother’s house. Pam had invited us to dinner at 6 p.m. We found her quaint home easily enough and were welcomed in along with other guests from the Unitarian Universalist Church.
   Pam graded her guests and Doug and I received A’s while all the other guests received F’s….because Pam told everyone NOT to bring anything except ourselves. In other words, Doug and I were the only people who didn’t present a gift to the hostess. We may have received A’s, but we looked like heels.
   Pam had prepared a cold zucchini soup, salad, and egg plant scaloppini with pasta. Her table was set with china trimmed in gold. Fresh flowers were on the table, and a gentle breeze was flowing through the windows. The meal was fabulously tasteful and a fancy dessert topped it off.
   Conversation covered books, travel, children, God, and the highly prized tidbit of reaching Long Island via the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry. We also concluded as church members, we have the right to re-claim “church” if it has been hijacked by hypocrisy, self-righteousness, or sloth. Church is a wonderful tool to use on a spiritual journey and belongs to humanity as a whole.
   Doug and I stayed up past our bed-time, the evening was so refreshing, pleasant, and mind-enlarging. Thanks for a great time Pam.

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