The Doldrums are not a Sign to Follow

After I wrote my last blog about the doldrums, I decided to go on a motorcycle ride. By myself? Yes, by myself. I headed west toward Binghamton. Even though I accelerated to top speed, my mind and body still felt as though they were stagnate and lethargic. The weather was great. The traffic was fine, so I eventually turned North onto Road 369 figuring I’d head back home the long way and enjoy the scenery. After driving for about a half an hour the road took me to the top of a peak that gave me a magnanimous vista of many peaks. It dawned on me divine Mind is much bigger than my human experience and I can trust the bigger.
Then I came to Route 7 and noticed the sign told me to turn left if I was going to head East but EVERYTHING, all human emotions and sensations of my body told me east was to the right. I followed my instinct, which was to follow the signs and not my emotions and sure enough I made it home. But, first I had to stop and eat a snack and go to the bathroom. A gentleman chatted with me about riding.
Instinct tells me to follow the signs great leaders, such as Christ Jesus, gave us to follow, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable or right. We can do things on our own. We will meet friendly people, we will see the beauty. And, I am glad the doldrums passed away.
I am thankful God has a sense of humor and immeasurable patience to help me on my journey. That bike ride, the mountains, the sunshine, the nice people, the signage, got through to me.

Upstate NY mountains

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