A fan of Meg Ryan, I thought her protrayal in the film, Serious Moonlight was intriguing. Ryan plays Louise, is a high powered attorney who discovers her adulterous husband is running off to Paris with a younger woman. Louise then duct tapes her husband to the toilet, unwilling to go along with his plans.

The film didn’t make me crack up laughing, rather it put a witty spin on feelings I could relate to. However, a sense of realism intertwined throughout the film, especially when Louise barfed. Different people handle these kinds of situations differently, and Louise’s approach was interesting.

Serious Moonlight is rated R for language and threatening behavior. It was directed by Cheryl Hines.

The film reminded me of some advice I’ve followed for the past 27 years of marriage, from 21st Century Science and Health, “Considerate words and selfless care in what promotes the well-being and happiness of your spouse will prove more beneficial than indifference, sarcasm, or jealousy. Spouses hear this and remember how a simple kind word or deed may renew earlier happy times.”


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